Need for Speed

A fair proportion of the people who arrive at my weblog are searching for information on the viability of the iPod Touch as a medical PDA. During the third year of medical school, the iPod Touch has been an excellent companion for me: having the Epocrates medication database at my fingertips has been invaluable, and having various medical texts and medical calculators on hand on the wards has been very handy. However, for various reasons, I finally decided to upgrade… to the iPhone 3GS!

So far, I have found the new device (and having Internet access at all times, in all locations) to be a brilliant piece of technology that is revolutionizing my life. In addition to the previous apps I have found indispensable, having Internet access has given me rapid access to obscure pieces of medical knowledge: How else would I be able to quickly look up information on Global Transient Amnesia or Weber’s Syndrome when all of the ward computers are already being used?

On another note, my fellow sub-intern has clued me in to the broadening availability of medical texts provided by Skyscape for one-time fees (without automatic updates, although the books are not updated yearly anyways): in particular, he showed me Sabatine’s Pocket Medicine and The Massachusetts General Hospital Handbook of Neurology, two books I have in paper form. The digital versions are searchable, and it would be nice not to have to carry as many textbooks in my white coat pockets. The speed of the iPhone 3GS makes Epocrates (which was sluggish on the original iPhone and the iPod Touch) and these other resources much more accessible.

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