Monthly Archives: September 2009

Like many of my classmates, I am entering the interview stage of my final year in medical school. I just completed a one month away rotation (or exchange clerkship) at one of the programs I am very interested in: it was nice to have the opportunity to have an extended look at the inner workings of the training program, the work environment and culture, and the attitudes and styles of practicing medicine of the residents and attending physicians.

A few pieces of advice given to me by the faculty and residents at this program have resonated strongly with me:

• First, don’t feel that you have to prove anything when you visit programs to interview. If you have been given an invitation, you have already met their qualifications, at the very least on paper. Instead, they will be doing their best to sell their programs to you.

• Secondly, perhaps the most important thing you can do on the day of your interviews is to get a sense about who the people are, especially the residents. Most of the learning during residency comes from your senior residents and colleagues. Furthermore, after three years, you’ll probably be a lot more like them in thinking, attitudes, and personalities.

Good luck, everyone!

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