New Orleans Wins

I used to show my patients the phrase “The Saints are going to the bowl this year” to test comprehension; I could tell if they understood it if they laughed.

Well, the Saints did it. They went to the Superbowl. They won. We won. Who dat say New Orleans couldn’t come back, couldn’t win. WHO DAT, WORLD!

1 comment
  1. Stacie said:

    As a die-hard Who Dat, I took such great offense at this blatent disregard for our region and our dialect (not mine anymore!) and I say they can go after something easier… banning “What yat, bra?” or just go ahead and try to put a tax on every person who say anything with a N.O dialect.
    Rock on. New Orleans, we won another one and this time we weren’t even on the field!

    WO DAT!!!! yeah, so sue me.

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